Testeando pedales Mooer Ana Echo, Joyo Vintage Overdrive, Sweet Baby y Compressor

Rafael Martínez  Probando algunos ajustes de pedales.
La cadena de señal es como sigue:

Testing some stomp boxes.
The Signal Chain is as follows:

– Guitar SX-FTL 50.
– JOYO Vintage Overdrive.
– JOYO Sweet Baby Overdrive.
– JOYO Dyna Compressor.
– MOOER Ana Echo.
– Amp FENDER Super Reverb “Silverface”.
– Cabinet BEHRINGER 412 H-BK
– Mic SHURE SM-57.
– Previo ELEVEN RACK Mic Input.
– DAW CUBASE 5 (no EQ, no FX).
– Your Ears 😉

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