Pack KARAOKE MIXER para portátil con microfono

Si tienes un ordenador portátil o torre ya puedes montar el karaoke. Sólo se enchufa con un cable y a cantar.

Le permite convertir su ordenador en un reproductor de Karaoke, que puede usar con discos incluidos o con canciones para cantar on-line
Te viene incluido con 30 canciones en Español e Inglés.

Professional echo processor with professional grade Yamaha® Reverb technology.
Perfectly blends microphone voice and the accompaniment.
The professional echo effect can be adjusted depending on the occasion and your preferences making your voice sound clear with minimal noise and distortion.
Digital to Analog converter enables you to input via HDMI and output HDMI and L/R RCA Audio together.
Dual microphone interface with individual volume control supports a chorus or duets.
RCA to RCA mixer.
Supported Inputs
HD Players
Game systems i.e. XBox, PS4, etc…
HDMI or RCA Inputs
Supported Outputs
Monitor Speakers
HDMI and RCA Output

– detalles-
Reverb de calidad YAMAHA® chipset
conectividad HDMI Input and Output
RCA Input and Output
Adjustable Echo
2 entradas de Micro Input Jacks
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 16KHz
Dimensions: 6.8” W x 1.57” H x 4.33” D
Power: 110~220V

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