Guitarra de viaje FENDER SONORAN Mini 3/4



Guitarra acústica Tamaño de 3/4, Escala más pequeña: 592mm, Tapa de agathis, Aros y fondo de sapeli, Diapasón de palisandro, 18 trastes – La guitarra Fender Sonoran Mini 3/4 Natural el mejor regalo. Lánzate a aprender a tocar hoy. Todo son ventajas y Todo son beneficios.

Low-cost 3/4 size version of the popular Fender Sonoran; Agathis top with sapele back and sides; Mahogany neck; Rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets
If you love that sweet Californian twang then you will fall head over heals for the Fender Sonoran 3/4 Mini Acoustic Guitar with bag! Inspired by Fender’s TRAVELLING GUITAR PLAYER -A Limited Edition model, there are only 1500 Fender Sonoran Mini ¾’s in Europe.

It may be small, but it still packs a punch! Fender’s Sonoran 3/4 is perfect for those who dig Fender’s classic Southern California history and vibe but want it on a COMPACT easy to carry guitar

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