Guitarras Fender y Cadillac, Oldsmobile o Corvette de época

Correcto Leo Fender utilizó pintura de coche para sus guitarras. Fender y coches van de la mano en cuanto a colores. El color vintage custom favorito para tu guitarra Fender posiblemente coincida con el mismo acabado de ese Cadillac, Oldsmobile o Corvette de época


Estos son los colores Fender
Lake Placid Blue metallic Lucite 2876-L 60-73/58 Cadillac
Daphne Blue Duco 2804 60-65 58 Cadillac
Shoreline Gold metallic Lucite 2935-L 60-65/ 59-60 Pontiac
Olympic White Lucite 2818-L 60-80/ 58-62 Cadillac
Burgundy Mist metallic Lucite 2936-L 60-65 /59 Oldsmobile
Inca Silver metallic Lucite 2436-L 60-65 /57-59 Chevy Corvette
Fiesta Red Duco 2219-H 60-69 /56 Ford Tbird
Dakota Red Duco 2590-H 60-69/ 58 Cadillac
Blue Ice metallic Lucite 4692L 65-69 /65-66 Ford
Firemist Silver metallic Lucite 4576L 65-71 /64 Cadillac
Firemist Gold metallic Lucite 4579L 65-71/ 64-65 Cadillac
Charcoal Frost metallic Lucite 4618L 65-69 /65-66 Lincoln
Ocean Turquoise metallic Lucite 4607L 65-71 /65 Mercury
Teal Green metallic Lucite 4297L 65-69 /65-68 Lincoln
Black Duco 1711 60-84 all yrs all makes
Sonic Blue Duco 2295 60-72 /56 Cadillac
Shell Pink Duco 2371 60-63 /56 Desoto
Foam Green Duco 2253 60-69 /56 Buick
Surf Green Duco 2461 60-65 /57 Chevy
Sherwood Green metallic Duco 2526-H 60-65 /57 Mercury
Candy Apple Red n/a none 63-73 n/a n/a

That’s right your favorite vintage custom color Fender guitar shares the same finish as a Cadillac, Oldsmobile or even a Corvette of that era.

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