MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS WARPS-META MODULATOR OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE – Warps is designed to blend and combine two audio signals.


Meta-Modulator; Internal processing: 32-bit floating point, 576kHz (32kHz for vocoder); Open-source hardware and firmwar – The Mutable Instruments Warps is a waveshaper/signal modifier that offers various means of making more complex results out of simple sources. In this example, two sine waves from Make Noise DPO are fed into the carrier and modulator inputs through a variety of algorithms, focusing on the rich timbres from the built in “crossfolder.” A Sputnik Multitouch Keyboard arpeggiates the DPO and provides tactile control of the Timbre parameter while a fluctuating random voltage from Verbos Random Sampling controls the Algorithm parameter. With the various modulation algorithms built in, Warps can do everything from subtle waveshaping to aggressive, rich distortion.

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