Nos entregaan esta guitarra para los que aprecian las buenas guitarras. GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD HP 2018 H2LPS18H8CH1 HERITAGE CHERRY FADE  –


 Solid body electric guitar
– Guitarra construida en los EEUU – Made in USA Nashville USA Series
– Peso muy ligerito gracias a la técnica de cuerpo hueco de Gibson “Chambered solid Mahogany – Ultra-modern Weight-relief”
– Preciosa tapa de arce de gama GIBSON AAA+ figured Maple top
– Mástil de caoba insertado muy finito y rápido GIBSON Slim Taper ’60 Asymmetrical profile
– Diapasón de Richlite fretboard con 22 trastes GIBSON medium frets
– Dimensiones: Scale 62.865 cm / 24.75″
– Compound radius
– Neck width 1st fret 1.745″
– Neck width last fret 2.310″
– Neck depth 1st fret 0.800″
– Neck depth 12e fret 0.875″
– Titanium zero fret nut
– Head angle 17°
– Pastillas GIBSON Burstbucker Pro Alnico V humbuckers
– Volume for each pickup
– Tone for each pickup
– 4x 500K non-linear push/pull potentiometers (for coil split, pure bypass & phase reverse activation)
– 3-way pickups selector
– Pure Bypass circuit > signal goes directly from the pickups to the output jack
– Phase Reverse
– DIP switching
– Clavijero y puente Gibson aluminum Tune-o-matic bridge with titanium sddles & Stop Bar
– clavijas Grover Locking Kidney tuners, 14:01 ratio
– acabado a la nitro GIBSON Nitrocellulose gloss finish
– Incluye caja de trasnporte espectacular Gibson case

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