Concurso de telentos con el sintetizador STYLOPHONE 50TH ANNIVERSARY GLOBAL MUSIC COMPETITION

Fantástico concurso de sinte Stylophone con jueces como el legendario productor de Bowie,   Tony Visconti.  Con el motivo del 50 aniversario de la marca puedes participar en esta histórica competi  de estos sintes legendarios.

THE STYLOPHONE 50TH ANNIVERSARY GLOBAL MUSIC COMPETITION  – La firma de sintes Stylophone nos propone esta interesante iniciativa.  Un Concurso de talentos con el sintetizador STYLOPHONE  –   STYLOPHONE 50TH ANNIVERSARY GLOBAL MUSIC COMPETITION


RULES: To create an original tune, song or instrumental piece of music no more than 2 minutes long featuring one or more of the Stylophone products. (You can use the original Stylophone, Gen X-1, Stylophone Beatbox or Stylophone S2). Other instruments can be used but a Stylophone product has to be the main instrument used.
– Multiple entries per person accepted.

HOW TO ENTER: Upload either a Youtube video or Soundcloud audio to your account with the hashtag#stylophone50


STYLOPHONE 50TH ANNIVERSARY GLOBAL MUSIC COMPETITION,  judged by legendary Bowie producer Tony Visconti

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