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GUITAR TEST : Gibson les paul 61 VOS con ampli CORNELL ROMANY


Seguimos testando material de primera calidad de la mano de nuestro guitar freak favorito. Esta semana testamos Gibson Les Paul 61 VOS en la tienda MUSICASA con el ampli de boutique CORNELL ROMANY .


Un ampli de pata negra.  Con un sonido excepcional, todo construido a mano   CORNELL ROMANY COMBO TWEED   con un altavoz de  10  y potencia seleccionable:   10WATT   o  2WATT   o a  1/2 watt en tu habitación


Tecnología todo a válvulas  –  Diseño  Single-ended Class A.   Todo a válvulas : 1 x 12AX7; 1 x 6L6GT  sonido único

Le metimos un poco de disto con el clásico pedal BOSS SD 1


El sonido de Jovan Milosevski nos ha encantado a todos



Te apetece una tapa dorada …GIBSON LES PAUL 1957 GOLD TOP LPR74VOAGNH1 STANDARD HISTORIC. Una guitarra concebida por la custom shop a semejanza de la original del 57..GIBSON LES PAUL 1957 GOLD TOP LPR74VOAGNH1

GIBSON LES PAUL 1957 LPR74VOAGNH1 GOLD TOP STANDARD HISTORIC Una lespaul de ’57 Les Paul Goldtop VOS con tapa de arce carveada – cuepro de caoba no muy pesado de una pieza . – mástil estilo 50’s de perfil rounded profile con diapasón de palo rosa

Alma ensamblada estilo historic Truss Rod assembly (no tubing) – puente Gibson ABR-1 bridge my ligero con cordal de aluminum tailpiece
Pastillas Gibson pickups ’57 Goldtop Custom Bucker pickups – controles 2 volume y 2 tone controls con “bumblebee” capacitors – conmutador 3posicione switch en ángulo con tapón amber toggle cap


GIBSON LES PAUL Standard Historic 1960 Les Paul Reissue VOS

Standard Historic 1960 Les Paul Reissue VOS
Historic Specifications Diapasón de palo rosa de una pieza – clavijero Aniline DyeKluson™ Deluxe machine heads – mastil estilo Hot Hide Glue Neck Fit – pastillas Custom Buckers – alma Historic Truss Rod Assembly-no tubing – detalles. Accurate body and fingerboard binding


1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue Gibson’s original Les Paul Standard evolved steadily through the course of the ’50s, but even across the short span from 1958-’60—the era of the legendary “Bursts”—the guitar continued to change in gradual but significant ways. As a result, while all 1958-’60 Les Pauls are among the most sought-after electric guitars ever made, different players have their favorite years from within that range, according to their, looks, specs and fine-points. Gibson first added a Cherry Sunburst finish to the Les Paul in 1958 in an effort to revive waning sales. The following year, these guitars began to be built with more highly-figured maple tops, as well as gaining a somewhat slimmer (yet still rounded) neck profile and “Jumbo” frets. Mid way through 1960, the Les Paul was given a thinner, flatter neck shape, beloved of many a rocker for its comfort and speed, and new gold “top hat” control knobs with silver metal inserts and pointer rings. In addition, in 1960 Gibson changed the pigment in its Cherry Sunburst finish to a brighter, fade-resistant red, creating a sunburst that survived in more vivid color over the years, a variant known in some circles as “Tangerine” sunburst. The new finish, along with the continued use of maple tops with “flamed” and “tiger-striped” patterns, resulted in some of the most visually appealing Bursts of the era, beautifully represented in the 1960 Les Paul Standard VOS.

The 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue retains the solid mahogany body and carved maple top that laid down the Les Paul’s legendary sonic signature, along with its quarter-sawn mahogany neck with long-tenon neck joint. In addition to these details, the 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue also benefits from Gibson Custom’s 20th Anniversary Specifications, newly adopted for 2013. These include a one-piece rosewood fingerboard, Kluson™ Deluxe machine heads, hot-hide glue neck fit, a Historic Truss Rod assembly with no tubing, accurate body and fingerboard binding color, new Custom Buckers created in the image of the original PAFs, and period-correct Aniline dye for the guitar’s back and sides, all beneath Gibson Custom’s proprietary VOS process, which yields a gently worn look and feel.

Gibson Custom’s new Custom Bucker accurately recreates the original PAFs of the late ’50s, using Alnico III magnets and unequal turns of 42 AWG wire in each coil for that characteristic PAF “bite.” These pickups clean up beautifully at the guitar’s volume controls, while Bumble Bee tone caps assist in that warm, singing “woman tone” when you roll back the tone controls. To top it all off, the 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue plays superbly right out of its Custom Shop hardshell case thanks to a trip through one of Gibson’s state-of-the-art Plek machines before it leaves the Custom Shop floor.