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Microfonos para bateria – MXL DRUM PA-5K Drum Pack Lote micro para bateria

Kit para sonorizar la batería básico,   pero de gran calidad.  MXL DRUM PA-5K Drum Pack Lote micro para bateria    .  Incluye 3 piezas  :  2 x A-5T   y un  A-55 KICKER para bombo


  • Set includes one A-55 Kicker Dynamic Kick Drum Mic and two A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics
  • The A-55 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic captures the deep bass and low-end punch while maintaining clean and clear pickup for fast attacks on kick drum
  • The A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics complement the warm notes of toms without low-end distortion
  • Heavy-duty all-metal body construction protects against impact and noise
  • Stand and rim-mount clips included