Microfono SIRE MONSTER 7 RED BLUE PACK (2 MICS) Professional Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Handheld

Esto es un pack de micros profesionales muy a tener en cuenta.  SIRE MONSTER 7 RED & BLUE PACK (2 MICS) Professional Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Handheld Package  .

El pack incluye:

Monster7 Red [For professional vocalists] :   micro dinámico para vocalistas profesionales – aunque tiene la típica pegada, balance de agudos y graves de un micro de condensador – muy suave con calidad de estudio en directo

Monster7 Blue [Vocal, Speech, Rap, Rock / Real multi use] :  micro multiusos  o navaja suiza para usar en todo momento. Muy robusto y duraredo.  Super pegada en medios  con un sólido rango de medios y agudos  – sonido cristalino y caliente



Monster7 Red [For professional vocalists]
– Has a dynamic structure. However, it has a typical condenser vocal microphone balance and sound.
-Unlike the condenser microphone, this eliminates the need of careful handling and does not require a 48V phantom power.
– Achieves a super wide range just like a studio condenser microphone
[From ultra-low frequency to ultra-high frequency]
– Very smooth and studio-quality sounds during live performances
– Frequency Response : 40 ~ 20000 Hz

Monster7 Blue [Vocal, Speech, Rap, Rock / Real multi use]
– Dynamic structure. Typical dynamic balance sound.
– Super mid-punch sound with solid mid-high range
– Crisp and warm sound even if live PA situations are not favorable.
– Offers a wide range of tonal possibilities compared to a normal dynamic microphone.
– With the Monster7’s unique Air Sound, you can show more emotional expression when singing
– Frequency Response : 50 ~ 18000 Hz

Specification :
Type : Dynamic (Moving Coil)
Polar Pattern : Cardioid
Output Impedance : 350 Ω
Sensitivity : at 1kHz, open Circuit Age / 51dBV/PA[1] (1.5mV)
Connector : XLR-3
Dimensions : 51x183mm
Weight: 320g

Warranty :
1 Year Limited Warranty