Nuevos amplificadores Fender Deluxe Reverb BROWN y PRINCETON BROWN

La Fender nos deleita de nuevo con esta pareja de amplis irresistibles. Nuevos amplificadores Deluxe Reverb BROWN y PRINCETON BROWN “Looking for an amp that has a sweet and chewy tone? Well, the ’65 Princeton & ’65 Deluxe Reverb® amps in Brown covering with a Brown faceplate and a wheat grille cloth is the perfect amp for small gigs that need a little extra growl and punch. Combine that with the crunchy goodness of a Jensen® alnico speaker and you’ve got some sonic sweetness on your hands!”

0217406501 65 DELUXE RVB BROWN 230V EU 2 unidades para la zona PVP   precio orientativo  1.499,00€

2172006501 65 PRINCETON BROWN P10Q 230V E 1 unidad para la zona PVP   precio orientativo   1.299,00€