Amplis Fender 65 DELUXE Reverb PAISLEY, 65 PRINCETON BLUE FLOWER y HotRod Deluxe Western

Si quieres hacerte con un ampli super exclusivo y único. Mira esto: Interesante edición limitada de amplis Fender 65 DELUXE RVB PAISLEY, 65 PRINCETON BLUE FLOWER Y HotRod Deluxe WESTERN

Solo 2 unidades Fender 65 PRINCETON BLUE, 4 unidades del 65 DELUXE RVB y 4 unidades del HR DLX.

0217406231 65 DELUXE RVB PAISLEY 230V EU precios orientativos € 1,599.00
2172006241 65 PRINCETON BLUE FLOWER 230V EU precios orientativos € 1,399.00
2230206802 HR DLX WESTERN CB 230V EU precios orientativos € 999.00

Disponibles solo Noviembre.

“Introducing the grooviest king of the Psychedelic underground! The 22-watt ’65 Deluxe Reverb® amp in a solid Pink Paisley painted cabinet is the perfect amp for rock, country or blues players who want something moderately powered that can also get cranked up at the gig or in the studio.”

“The Princeton Reverb in a solid Blue Flower painted cabinet is a 12-watt tone monster hiding in groovy clothing. Combine its looks with the pristine cleans of the Jensen® P10Q alnico speaker and you’ve got sonic bliss on your hands!”

“Here’s a Hot Rod Deluxe that’s got the right amount of get-up-and-go and a look that just screams “Yee-Haw”!! Faux-tooled leather vinyl covering, Wheat grille cloth and the Celestion® Creamback speaker make it a sight to behold and a sound to be reckoned with!”