BAM estuches, novedades 2012

bam shows its creativity more than ever, by launching a new range of accessories for musicians.
Not only is it a brand new logo and a definitely modern design, it is also a whole array of new products and accessories, designed to make the musician’s life easier, and to show them that their luthier is concerned about their comfort. 
No need to run to different places to find accessories anymore…Starting from our anniversary date: April 1st, you will find silk pouches, travel briefcases, cleaning cloths, carrying bags especially designed for musicians, and many more innovative items on our website
Become a privileged client of the online bam l’original boutique exclusively reserved for you, and receive your special anniversary surprise gift! http://www.bamaccessories.comBy introducing new colors and patterns, bam attempts to draw musicians to their luthier or music store and get them excited with our new high performance cases!
… New cases have been added to bam’s catalog to expand the line with items that will make traveling easier.

bam muestra su creatividad más que nunca, con el lanzamiento de una nueva gama de accesorios para los músicos …
No sólo se trata de un nuevo logotipo y un diseño definitivamente moderno, es también toda una serie de nuevos productos y accesorios, diseñados para hacer la vida del músico más fácil, y para demostrar que su luthier está preocupado por su comodidad.
No hay necesidad de correr a diferentes lugares para encontrar los accesorios más …

A partir de nuestra fecha de aniversario: 01 de abril, se encuentran las bolsas de seda, maletines de viaje, trapos de limpieza, bolsas de transporte especialmente diseñados para los músicos, y muchos otros artículos más innovadores en nuestra página web
Conviértete en un cliente privilegiado de la boutique de l’línea bam original exclusivamente reservado para usted, y recibir su regalo especial sorpresa de aniversario!

Mediante la introducción de nuevos colores y patrones, bam intenta extraer los músicosa su luthier o tienda de música y que se entusiasmen con los casos nuevos de alto rendimiento!
… Los nuevos casos se han añadido a BAM de catálogo para ampliar la línea con las partidas que harán que viajar sea más fácil.

A New HIGHTECH model 
with fabric cover: The «Lotus»…
For Violin – Ref.: 2010 LH
For Viola – Ref.: 2210 LH – «Adjustable» 
Colors: Tartan (Grey-green and Black) 
Bayadere (Beige and black)
The smaller violins smartened up!
The ¾ – ½ «Classic» updated!
Ref. 2003S
Inside cradle made of polyurethane foam
• Large sheet music pocket
• Removable accessory pouches 
• 1 bow holder 
• Removable backpack straps.
• Colors: Blue and Black, Grey and Black
Some color for 
the «Slim» range…
The Slim Violin case, the Overhead Violin case 
and the 2.9 «Slim» Cello case become colorful…
Colors: White, Orangey, Olive, and soon to come… Navy Blue (in May! Book yours now)
Traveler for Double Clarinet Bb & A
Ref. 3028 TH
All the qualities of the Hightech technique associated with the elegance of a cover.
• Large back pocket for sheet music sheet music, a laptop and any personal belongings (Depth : 7cm / 2.8 inches) 
• Double expandable «luggage’» pocket on top of the case featuring multiple compartments.
Traveler for Alto Saxophone & Tenor Saxophone 
Alto Saxophone – Ref. 4101 TH 
Tenor Saxophone – Ref. 4102 TH
• Large back pocket for sheet music and/or a laptop
• Double expandable «luggage» pocket on top of the case featuring multiple compartments (Depth : 7cm / 2.8 inches)
… and for the Oblong and Contoured too!
Violins and Violas now have their own spring-like colors too!
Azure and Anise
Traveler for Bb Clarinet
The compact case with «luggage» extension 
Ref. 3027 TH
All the qualities of the Hightech technique associated with the elegance of a cover.
Double expandable «luggage» back pocket featuring multiple compartments to carry sheet music, a laptop and any personal belongings (Depth : 7cm / 2.8 inches).
The very compact design of the Cabin model for Saxophone
For Alto Saxophone – ref. 4011S
For Tenor Saxophone – ref. 4012S
• Thermoformed in an extremely strong 
• Inside cradle made of injected foam
• «Graffiti» design logo
• Colors : Black, Silver, Emerald blue, Peony red
Two new patterns 
Black Lazure & Silver Carbon
The Oblong and Contoured Hightech for Violin and for Viola, the 3.5 «Compact» Cello case, the Hightech for Guitars and for two Violins indulge themselves with two new aspects!