WILKINSON JN-07SP LOCK    Nos han llegado unidades del  clavijero de primer nivel de la Wilkinson.  Lo estamos instalando   en  la guitarra de alguno de nuestros mejores clientes y los resultados son muy satisfactorios.  Clavijero  WILKINSON JN-07SP LOCK CR CHROME Machinehead Bloqueo
El clavijero es un elemento crucial en una guitarra estabilidad, ajuste, sustain, afinación,… la mayoría de guitarras de fábrica funcionan convenientemente. Pero si realmente quieres dar un paso a la élite. Esta mejora te ayudará a conseguirlo.

Disponible en 3 acabados diferentes nickel, gold o black
Disponible para guitarra telecaster, stratocaster, lespaul, sg y muchos otros modelos

Nowadays most of the guitars come with standard tuners which result fairly good .  But if you need to step-up to the best. These Wilkinson Tuners are good choice.
Tuners are a critical component in the design and manufacture of all guitars and basses.
Our new E-Z-Lok (patent pending) tuner  is an affordable alternative to the more expensive locking tuners.
Being able to elimianate the wraps of the string from around the tuner post is essential for good tuning stability, especially when utilising a non-locking vibrato system.

All styles of tuner can benefit from this new technology and we have included this option on all popular models in the Wilkinson range
A straight string path across the headstock matters
tremendously with vibrato systems in particular, in
helping maintain accurate tuning. Trev, ever the
ideas man, is aware of this, but hasn’t been
content to leave it at that.

“With regard to this, we’ve developed a set of
tuning keys with an idea that I’ve been working on
for the last 12 months, what we now call our
E-Z-LOK™ tuning post. You can actually use it as
a locking tuner or you can use it as a standard
tuner. Combined with everything else on the guitar
I would say this will give you tuning stability
second to none.

“Additionally, the tuning post string insertion
heights are staggered low to high along the
pegheads which keeps the string break angle
across the nut at a consistent level. This eliminates
the need for a string tree too, a known source of
friction which promotes tuning problems.”

Try it today, and enjoy the Wilkinson effect; design, hardware, and optimal performance.