El Hard Rock está buscando a las mejores bandas. Hard Rock Rising 2016

Hard Rock está buscando a las mejores bandas locales por todo el mundo. ¡Si quieres ser parte del Hard Rock Rising 2016, inscríbete ya!http://www.hardrockrising.com/



  • Producción de un video clip profesional valorado en 10 mil pavos.  Con la idea de añadir la playlist del  Hard Rock Cafe
  • 1000   copias del  CD o DVD  de tu banda   cortesía de  Bison Disc.
  • Un paquete de premios  cortesía de  Fender Guitars.




  • Tu banda puede ser nominada  Hard Rock Rising – Global Artist of the Year   y  su  video clip  añadido  al playlist del Hard Rock Cafe mundialmente
  • El grupo  Artist of the Year será invitado a actuar en Ibiza.  Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza    en  Septiembre del  2016.
  • Y un dineral ” cash prize” 50,000  dólares  americanos




It’s on! Hard Rock is looking for the best local acts around the world. Our global music showcase is back and better than ever. Enter to be part of Hard Rock Rising 2016 now. http://www.hardrockrising.com/  ATTENTION PRIZES


  • A professionally-produced music video ($10,000 USD value) that will be added to Hard Rock Cafe’s video system in their region. This is a massive amount of video exposure.
  • 1000 CD/DVD s of their latest recordings and video courtesy of Bison Disc. You can use this for your album, singles or video and sell them at gigs, give them away for promotional purposes … they’re yours to do with as you like.
  • An equipment package courtesy of Fender.



  • One act will be selected from the regional winners to be named Hard Rock Rising’s “Global Artist of the Year” and have their video added to Hard Rock Cafe’s video system worldwide.
  • The Artist of the Year will be invited to perform live at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, Spain in September 2016.
  • A cash prize of $50,000 USD.