Nueva serie de sintetizadores Dreadbox

Musicasa presenta esta nueva serie de sintetizadores Dreadbox

DreadBox NYX
Nuevo Sintetizador parafónico analógico con un  Efecto de reverb único por Crazy Tube Circuits –  Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer; Unique Reverb Effect by Crazy Tube Circuits (as found on Splash Mk3); 2 x VCO with separate glide controls; Dual State Variable 24 or 12dB / oct Filter; Triangle wave LFO; Triple Unique Envelope Generator (can be used as an LFO); Unique Routing control (allows open architecture)

DreadBox Abyss

Sintetizador analógico de cuatro voces, construcción muy dura con carcasa de aluminio – 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer; All Analog Discrete Components; 4 playing modes : – Unison – Polyphony – Chords (+ user chords) – Multi channel (multitimbral over selected controls); 1 VCO + 1 Sub Oscillator per Voice; White Noise Generator; Independent Wave shaping Modulator; Polyphonic Glide function