Nuevo sintetizador analógico Roland JD-XA

Roland JD-XAEste sinte pinta cañón-.  Se presenta en la feria de Frankfurt, Musikmesse, el nuevo sintetizador analógico Roland JD-XA:

Roland New Products FMM 2015
Roland JD-XA
Key Features
• Analog/digital crossover sound engine for combining analog and digital sounds
• Many knobs and sliders for intuitive tweaking
• 16-step loop sequencer for using phrases as part of the sound
• Dedicated sound library on the Axial website, plus compatibility with INTEGRA-7
sound libraries (SuperNATURAL Synths)
Key Specifications
• Keyboard: 49-note, velocity sensitive with aftertouch
• Maximum Polyphony: Analog 4-voice, digital (SuperNATURAL Synth) 64-voice
• Parts: Analog 4-part, digital (SuperNATURAL Synth) 4-part
• Loop Step Sequencer: 16 steps, 1-4 measures, 8-part internal, 8-part external
• MIDI/USB/CV Interface
• Vocoder, Mic Modulation
Disponible a partir de Julio,  precio aproximado 1999€