Nos ha entrado esta ocasión de segunda mano. magnífico teclado Midi. Incluye estuche rígido. 325 eur. comprar aqui

88 keys made of Ivory, keyboard is velocity sensitivity and has aftertouch

4 independent programmable zones (on each patch) Monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch

Double sets of pitch and modulation controller (Roland- and Moog style)

2 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs, 1 MIDI thru 64 patch memory, expandable to 128 via memory cartridge

32 chains of up to 32 patches

40 letters x 8 rows LCD (back lighted) 12 user define performance controllers (4 sliders / 4 switches / 4 foot controller jacks)

Roland A-80 can store up to 64 different patches. A chain of up to 32 patches can be linked together, and 32 chains can be stored.

External sequencers can be started/stopped directly from the panel.