PLAYNICK unas boquillas de clarinete especiales

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PlayEasy Series

PlayEasy B1

The PlayEasy B1 is our classical, closed model for easy response and a little bit more resistance. It was actually designed for French Légère Classic synthetic reeds but also works well in combination with Légère Signature synthetic reeds, many famous international orchestra players have already discovered the amenities of this traditional, short facing. (Also available for a lower tune of 440Hz.)

PlayEasy B2

Our top-seller out of the French mouthpiece series is the PlayEasy B2 with its medium length facing for incomparable, soloistic response as well as very intensive sound characteristics. This model can be played with French Légère Classic synthetic reeds and any high quality French wooden reed – having our PlayEasy B2 is just a must!

PlayEasy B3

With its open but still rather long facing our PlayEasy B3 features all requirements for musicians who are looking for a very free blowing mouthpiece. This particular flexible model is big in sound and designed for for French Légère Classic synthetic reeds – it knows absolutely no bounds in sales and is also available for a lower tune of 440Hz.

Solist Series

Solist M

The Solist M-mouthpiece is – just like the german version of it – gaining more and more popularity within the international clarinet world because thanks to its rich but still open sound this mouthpiece is a successful composition of all modern exigencies. The winner mouthpiece in many international competitions and auditions can be played with traditional wooden reeds (V12) or Légère synthetic reeds.

Solist A’

This mouthpiece is being redesigned right now – please be patient!

Solist SLK

Based on a facing of Karl Leister we devised this mouthpiece with its easy response to be in accordance with the sound quality of the old master. The medium length, German/French facing can be played with traditional wooden reeds (V12).