Set 4 cabezas móviles LED – CAMEO HYDRABEAM 400 RGBW

Imprescindible para montar un show como toca…. CAMEO HYDRABEAM 400 RGBW Set 4 cabezas móviles LED RGBW CREE 10 W
Barra con 4 cabezas móviles ultrarrápidas
Cada cabeza móvil se controla por separado
Potentes LEDs de cuatro colores RGBW y 10 W de marca Cree
Varias posibilidades de montaje
Incluye 2 soportes de montaje en omega y un vaso de soporte desmontable
16 programas automáticos con efectos impresionantes
Sencilla operación mediante cuatro botones y una pantalla INFO COMPRA

The Cameo HydraBeam 400 RGBW is a bar with 4 ultra-fast moving heads that can be controlled independently. CLHB400W
Product Type: LED moving light
Type: moving head
Colour Spectrum: RGBW
Number of LEDs: 4
LED Type: 10 W
Beam Angle: 11°
DMX Input: XLR 3-pin male
DMX Output: XLR 3-pin female
DMX Mode: 6-channel, 10-channel, 19-channel, 32-channel
DMX Functions: Dimmer, TILT, PAN, Strobe, Colour Change
PAN Movement: 540°
TILT Movement: 270°
High-speed Stroboscope: >30 Hz
Standalone Modes: Auto Run, Sound Control
Controls: Enter, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
Indicators: LED Display
Power Supply: 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 100 W
Power Connector: IEC power socket male
Housing Material: metal, ABS
Housing Colour: black
Cooling System: fan
Illumination: red 10,670 lx 1m, green 19,000 lx 1m, blue 3,710 lx 1m, white 27,600 lx 1m
Dimensions without mounting bracket
Width: 810 mm
Height: 250 mm
Depth: 130 mm INFO COMPRA